I am a fourth-year doctoral candidate at Boston University pursuing my Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Dynamics, Systems, and Controls. I received my B.S. from Virginia Tech in Engineering Science and Mechanics, with minors in Mathematics and Biomedical Engineering, and my B.S. from Boston University in Mechanical Engineering, with a concentration in Dynamics, Systems, and Controls. You can find my full CV here (updated November 2023) and details on my past and current research here.

I work in the BU Robotics Lab in the Collaborative Autonomy Group under Professor Alyssa Pierson. My research ranges from collaborative navigation of ground robots to multi-robot systems to human-robot teaming. My goal is to become a professor with a research focus in robotics.

In my free time, I enjoy exercising (mostly kickboxing), reading, watching movies (especially Disney and Marvel), walking around Boston, and working on personal projects. When I get the chance I also love to go hiking and paddleboarding.

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