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Hello, and welcome to my personal website and blog! I’m currently a second-year PhD candidate in mechanical engineering at Boston University. I created this site to display past and current research, blog about my personal (nerdy) projects, and post any career updates and experiences as I progress through academia. My goal is for my stories and experiences to be a resource to those wishing to pursue academia, as I am, or to anyone interested in robotics. Feel free to follow along!

On this site I detail my various research projects, list my publications and presentations, maintain a blog where I post any research, personal, or career updates, and have some information about myself. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or just to discuss fun nerdy things. Happy exploring!

Just a sneak peek of what my first couple personal prjoects will be:


A cocktail maker and dispenser. Develop the hardware and software for dispensing a selected drink.


Tinkering with an iRobot Create 2 to play with controls. First project will focus on localization.